Skin Deep
Is scratching, picking, or pulling a problem?
Does your skin problem get worse with emotional stress or in ways that make no sense to you?
Does your skin problem leave you feeling anxious, blue, ugly, dirty, or unlovable?
Do you carefully follow your doctor's advice, but are not getting the relief you hoped for?

What It's All About

As many as 60% of people who seek a doctor's help for skin and hair problems have significant life stress.

Emotional issues can trigger many problems, and keep the most sophisticated medical treatments from working.

SKIN DEEP is about finding your emotional triggers and using psychological and bio-behavioral techniques to reduce their impact.

The right combination of relaxation, meditation, imaging, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, and skin-focused psychotherapy can let you take control of your skin and hair, alleviating diseases, conditions, and habits.


Dr. Grossbart is available to help both in Boston and by telephone or Skype. Find out more about consultations.

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Is Skin Deep For You?


Which diseases and conditions

Harvard Medical School psychologist Dr. Ted Grossbart's SKIN DEEP approach has been featured on TV, radio, web sites, and in newspapers and magazines. His book "SKIN DEEP: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin" presents his innovative approach.

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