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  If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is help.

Although heredity, viruses, bacteria, allergies and chemical irritants play a central role in skin problems, stress and emotions do cause some skin problems and trigger or heighten others.

The skin is our largest organ, at once our most public and most private organ. Every act of work or play, love or hate involves an interchange at the skin. As the boundary between our inside and our outside, the skin can see as much turmoil, passion and intrigue as any border town.

Skin problems can be particularly frustrating and hard to live with.

The great news is this intimate link between your skin and your feelings and thoughts (the Mind/Body connection) can work for you. The very same mechanism that lets stress make your skin problem worse, can let you use stress reduction and behavioral tools to make it better.

The SKIN DEEP approach help you...

  • Learn how to mobilize your body's own healing resources to maximize the effectiveness of your medical treatment.

  • Practice proven techniques that protect your skin from stress.

  • Learn why scratching, picking or pulling your skin or hair can be so difficult to stop and which techniques really work.

  • Discover that itching, burning pain, and other disturbing skin sensations can be helped by the program regardless of their cause.

  • Learn to listen to your skin.

Figuring out what life issues are triggering skin problems lets you you increase your confidence, and improve your relationships and your health.

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